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Make it a Life Change® Hurricane Preparedness playing cards offer retailers/businesses a unique way to educate customers on preparing for the storm

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. – (May XX, 2009) – Weather Stations,Retailers and Businesses gearing up for the 2009 hurricane season can now add a fun, informative item to their inventory – Make it a Life Change® Hurricane Preparedness customizable playing cards providing 54 ways consumers can ready themselves and their homes for an approaching storm.

Available online from Specialty Advertising, Inc., Make it a Life Change Hurricane Preparedness playing cards can be customized with the organization’s logo to extend their business brand. They are also the ideal advertising vehicle to keep stores top-of-mind with customers when it comes to stocking their hurricane safety kits.

“Make a Life Change®" Hurricane Preparedness cards are a great addition to any store’s hurricane inventory. Fun and affordable, the cards are a unique information resource during what can be a frightening and hectic time,” said Doris Pastl, CEO, Specialty Advertising, Inc. “They also help build customer loyalty, demonstrate the business’s dedication to keeping its community safe when a hurricane strikes, and are perfect for keeping spirits up when the power goes out!”

Each card is imprinted with a helpful tip related to hurricane preparedness or action to take during and after the storm. These include preparation suggestions such as placing a clean liner in a 50-gallon trash can and filling it with household water, test-running generators and stocking up on non-perishable food items and medications. Other tips include compiling a home inventory list with photos and identifying circuit breaker box locations and switches.

The full color, standard bridge cards come attractively packaged in an eye-catching tuck box featuring a cello window. Orders of 1,000 decks or more can be customized in one of two ways:
•    The retailer’s logo imprinted on the back of each card and visible through the box window
•    Labels displaying the store’s logo and/or other information affixed to each box

Make it a Life Change® Hurricane Preparedness playing cards can also be purchased individually and in small quantities, making them an ideal gift and smart addition to any home’s hurricane preparedness plan. Individual decks retail for $5, excluding shipping. Significant discounts apply to high-volume purchases. For more information, visit